Can This Chef Recreate My Childhood Cookie? • Tasty
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Tasty


By: Tasty Published: 2 weeks ago

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"Maybe one day Rie, when you and I are eighty years old, we'll just make cookies together."

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25 latest Comments
Angelina Tube
Angelina Tube 7 minutes ago
Ommmgggg I’m froommmm Singapore 🇸🇬 btw CNY just pastttt!!:) I love Ang paos and pineapple tartssss!!!:) ommmggg I love u guyssss so muchhh

Omg wait a second is niki singaporean?

Davee na
Davee na 2 hours ago
10:41 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Minija Skuodaitė
Minija Skuodaitė 2 hours ago
I was born here and then immediately shipped to Singapore sksjshshsbsnasjjs I CANT 😂😂😂

GRACE LIM 3 hours ago
OMG!!Every Chinese New Year my family always makes them and they're so delicious.When I visit people's house,they always have them and it's all over the market,mall and much more in Malaysia,Kuching.Idk if they sell them at kl(Kuala Lumpur) tho

ReX Ho
ReX Ho 3 hours ago
Aiyo ong lai tart nia, come back lah, There’s so much more food to miss

Justin A.
Justin A. 5 hours ago
How ironic im singaporean

suryadi taufan
suryadi taufan 5 hours ago
Yassss i tried that too when i was child. Nastar...

Dianah lah
Dianah lah 6 hours ago
Any Singaporeans out there

Only me okay

Delicia NC
Delicia NC 7 hours ago
Hmm.... nastar ? :v

Kqlluto MC
Kqlluto MC 8 hours ago
If Rie comes to singapore, Nikki will be her tourguide lol

Koh Ryan
Koh Ryan 8 hours ago
U need to use fresh pineapple

Yee-Shin rosenthal
Yee-Shin rosenthal 8 hours ago
I love Rie

candyvodka 9 hours ago
this kind of proved not to stray far from the recipe

Maddie TayTay
Maddie TayTay 11 hours ago
They look like sisters

Alifiah Izzi Imani
Alifiah Izzi Imani 11 hours ago
nastar ini mah

Liliana Baker
Liliana Baker 12 hours ago
I love Rie so much

Thomas Lai
Thomas Lai 12 hours ago
I wanna try this with a small tart mold.

Khairyn Nur Batrisyia
Khairyn Nur Batrisyia 12 hours ago
Tart nenas ! 🍍💛

Amigo Sanchez
Amigo Sanchez 12 hours ago
😢 it looks soo good but I'm allergic to pineapple 😢😢

Almost me
Almost me 13 hours ago
OMG this melody is giving me flashbacks of my childhood. From a tv show, a cooking program. Called (brødrene prise) in Denmark translating to (brothers prise) i loved that show

Yunakura 13 hours ago
I can't believe that Tasty hasn't made like a shop in LA with the most iconic recipes they've made, a missed/notyetexplored opportunity.

Marshmallow 13 hours ago
“Don’t touch too much”


Alessa Raucci
Alessa Raucci 13 hours ago
Can Rie please make Kolaches! I would love to see how she makes hers! Shoutout to all them Polish people!!!!

Jeanard Content Villariña
The enzyme she spoke of is an enzyme that helps in digestion of meat that's why don't eat pineapple if you haven't eaten anything it'll digestion you inside.

Bonnie Lee
Bonnie Lee 16 hours ago
Can someone please tell me what happened to niki because I’m confused

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