Kicked by a Taekwondo Expert
Published: 5 days ago By: The Slow Mo Guys


By: The Slow Mo Guys Published: 5 days ago

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Gav and Dan learn what is required of someone on the Kukkiwon Taekwondo.

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propwash22able 54 minutes ago
Please film the “Metal Storm” machine gun!!!!

Andy Wu
Andy Wu 58 minutes ago
I prefer dprk military tae kwon do.

theRok29 1 hour ago
eats chips

Frost Byte
Frost Byte 3 hours ago
Now try a Muay thai expert

milomilk 4 hours ago
you guys should do an iodine clock reaction

Vin Abreu
Vin Abreu 4 hours ago
Achei que era o fallen

Timothy Miller
Timothy Miller 5 hours ago
You guys should do more action scenes, or some flat land bmx stunts or parkour stunts

Shaikh Mohammad Oais
Shaikh Mohammad Oais 6 hours ago
So i can also break those boards

Brian Wild
Brian Wild 7 hours ago
would love to see cricket/baseball bats being swung at icicles and/or snowballs

Raajan 7 hours ago
If one messes with these masters, they will TaekOneDown 🤣😂

mettams pool
mettams pool 7 hours ago
next tesla coil

FLEAKEEPER 8 hours ago
7.33 gavin commences jebby face

Aadhunik Technology
Aadhunik Technology 9 hours ago
Aww so so cute girl at the end..

1234tombaker 10 hours ago
@8:00 there is a drawing on the whiteboard of Dan punching the solid plank

Walo 10 hours ago
Make the video about badminton!
because its the fastest olympic sport!!!

EnoTech 15 hours ago
Idea: String Slap against your arm when using a compound bow. I say this because I have a major welt on my arm because of it. Seeing it happen in slow motion and the instant welt it causes could be cool to see! Sorry Dan...

Raccoon Gamer
Raccoon Gamer 16 hours ago
Being someone who is in Taekwondo I know how hard the kicks are.....depending on how their mindset is.....I am a 2nd degree hoping to be 4th mainly to beat my brother at Taekwondo so yeah 👏🏻👍🏻

Erize Wrize
Erize Wrize 17 hours ago
I was kinda worried how easy Gav punched through the board. Also did anyone hear Dan's fingers crack when he punched the board in slow motion

Wade 17 hours ago
When evil wooden planks attack, I wanna have this dude next to me.

Hunter Vogl
Hunter Vogl 18 hours ago
Taekwondo is just gymnastics for people who watched one Jackie Chan movie and think they’re Bruce Lee.

Daniel So
Daniel So 18 hours ago
he gets kicked at 9:55

Tayden Bower
Tayden Bower 19 hours ago
Ok so if I slow down this video on YouTube, does that make me slower then the slow mo guys?

Jay Hay
Jay Hay 20 hours ago
Any tkd practitioners here; how does one not twist a knee or tweak their back with these kicks?! It looks so cool to learn but it seems like even a pro athlete could get hurt so easily!😬

Rey Pulido
Rey Pulido 20 hours ago
Gav why don't you get hurt?

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