Buying EVERY Advertisement I See for My Cat!
Published: 1 week ago By: Ryland Adams


By: Ryland Adams Published: 1 week ago

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25 latest Comments
Sarah Thirst
Sarah Thirst 45 seconds ago
love the vid sis. ps ryland is lowkey my spirit animal

jaden garza
jaden garza 3 minutes ago
2:19-2:42 ryland doged a bullet😂

Luna Simpson
Luna Simpson 3 minutes ago
I am going to be exactly like ryland when I have a cat

alayna connor
alayna connor 31 minutes ago
for some reason i could smell the litter box

B 32 minutes ago
Watching Cheeto pee was hilarious 😂

Jazmin Castillo
Jazmin Castillo 1 hour ago
6:29 life chanGiNg

UptownGook 1 hour ago
Shane jizzed on the cat watch out

Dock Liion
Dock Liion 1 hour ago
Didn’t Chetto learn how to use the human toilet ??

G G 1 hour ago
all of you shut the fuck up about the shane accusations with him and cheeto. he clearly said it was a joke, and if you actually think he fucked cheeto you are sick.

Makayla Walsh
Makayla Walsh 2 hours ago
I was so excited for Cheeto peeing???? LOL

animelover10102 2 hours ago
Im sorry but Ryland why you editing these transitions like they're Shane's conspiracy videos?

Sarah Nicole
Sarah Nicole 3 hours ago
ever since you posted this all i see is ads for that liter box now

Ouh TonEeh
Ouh TonEeh 3 hours ago
Get in the fucking robot cheeto!

Kristian Bennett
Kristian Bennett 3 hours ago
Send the wheel to me lmao

some Boy
some Boy 3 hours ago
So y’all really gonna pretend Shane didn’t rape his cat? Ok just asking 👌🏾

elio 3 hours ago
“like neverland for cats!... ooh... bad analogy”

fuck you
fuck you 3 hours ago
A cum rag

uwu bye
uwu bye 4 hours ago
cheeto ima get you outta there

FoulestBee43 4 hours ago
Lmao Shane raped his cat

LargePad 5 hours ago
we have that cat fountain for our cats and they love it!! to each cat their own :)

jackkinfe 3607
jackkinfe 3607 5 hours ago
Never mentioned that Shane fucked his cat

Willow Wisteria
Willow Wisteria 5 hours ago
"So I don't even think I told you, but I bought all this stuff online for Cheeto"......this is where the video started going downhill.

Lee Lmh
Lee Lmh 5 hours ago
Instead of spending 500 dollars on a litter box why don’t u just get a 5 dollar one that you know for a fact that ur cat will use it yanno? I’m not trying to sound but maybe If he had a normal litter box he wouldn’t go outside of it

xDoc Havoc
xDoc Havoc 5 hours ago
This videos ironic after the controversy

Angel Liz- Lea
Angel Liz- Lea 5 hours ago
Ryland is so me with my animals. But I'm broke.

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