Gordon Ramsay Fishes & Cooks Squid | Gordon's Great Escape
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Gordon Ramsay


By: Gordon Ramsay Published: 2 weeks ago

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Gordon Ramsay fishes and prepares squid for the local fisherman in Vietnam.

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25 latest Comments
Dumberiable Squinchy
Dumberiable Squinchy 3 hours ago
They cook the squids atop the lamps??? LOL

razorsharpshaver 4 hours ago
Candat sotong

Butter Cup
Butter Cup 12 hours ago
I come from Vietnam and the food is heavenly

Tim 19 hours ago
I didn't think it could get anymore dangerous and then he lights up the lamps

Bryan Yokota
Bryan Yokota 19 hours ago
Come to the philippines gordon

bin ku
bin ku 1 day ago
không say không về. No drunk don't go home :v

King Kyong
King Kyong 1 day ago
"The wives miss the squid more than their husbands"

Chill dud.e
Chill dud.e 1 day ago
Anyone else binge watch all his stuff in YouTube

Jion Dominiku
Jion Dominiku 1 day ago
I see Anthony Bourdain on Gordon

Hannah Stallings
Hannah Stallings 1 day ago
I fucking love Gordon.

Jugainka Tiega
Jugainka Tiega 1 day ago
You are such a douche bag for no reason fuck your food it’s not worth you being an asshole.

PAUL O' BRIEN 2 days ago
fuck with yourself

PAUL O' BRIEN 2 days ago
I am telling you gordon that you should fuck. WATCH PAUL O'BRIEN CHANNEL.

GMak 2 days ago
1:29 wwwooowww!!!

JB 123
JB 123 3 days ago
Gordon, you are amazing and all day i watch your program..

edt 3 days ago
free stock $ with my referral .. THIS IS NOT A SCAM.

netweed09 3 days ago
Lol; Gordon couldn't help the flex at the end

Marcus Helms
Marcus Helms 4 days ago
Gordon: what is it?
Fisherman: basket boat
Gordon : needs more vinegar

Lai Meudouang
Lai Meudouang 4 days ago
Sacha Inchi

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 4 days ago
Bourdain had a far more sophisticated palate for food and culture.

Lye wei jun
Lye wei jun 4 days ago
0:26 i didnt know gordan was into guys 😏

Nicole Jay
Nicole Jay 4 days ago
he should do a travel food show .

king james488
king james488 4 days ago
2:36 gordon it totally holding a giant condom.

- Jellyqwoppper -
- Jellyqwoppper - 4 days ago
"Vietnamese can't cook"

Yea but they can tho

ngọc anh Dương
ngọc anh Dương 4 days ago
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