The 2020 Kia Telluride Is Kia's New Family SUV
Published: 5 days ago By: Doug DeMuro


By: Doug DeMuro Published: 5 days ago

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The 2020 Kia Telluride is a new midsize family SUV. Today I will review the Kia Telluride, and I'm going to show you all the important things to know about the Telluride during my Kia Telluride review.

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25 latest Comments
Ammon Janey
Ammon Janey 35 minutes ago
It looks ugly

fahim khan
fahim khan 49 minutes ago
2020 is here still driving 90's Toyota corolla what a poor i am😌😌

thespig13 50 minutes ago
Kia's developmental team: "how many USB ports and cupholders should we put in it"

Kia's CEO: Yesss

Number Two
Number Two 2 hours ago
Is the Telluride bigger than the Borrego?

dexpolizzi 2 hours ago
Doug, how does this compare to the VW Atlas?

iAm 5 hours ago
Seems like a great car if you ask me.
No cheesy or fancy stuff...
Simple and useful features instead.
Well done Kia!

private private
private private 5 hours ago
is there more room in the third row when the 2nd row has Captain chairs rather than bench seats? a youtuber bought the Captain seats version and claimed there was comfy room for a 6ft tall adult in the third row. he also claimed that the Captain chairs were more comfortable and that the bench seats have a firmer less comfortable feel. I feel like I want bench seats for the seating, but I also want comfortable sitting in both the 2nd and 3rd rows.

Pablo Smith
Pablo Smith 5 hours ago
Big SUV's for big people, for big purchases at the big Costco warehouse, for consuming big. Makes sense actually.

Joseph Walsh
Joseph Walsh 6 hours ago
Doug is the type of guy that always makes sure the doors are locked when he is driving

Curtis Jarvis
Curtis Jarvis 7 hours ago
How do you buy a 2020 car three months into 2019?

Da Fire King
Da Fire King 8 hours ago
you should try to get a rivian rs1 and try that

Eldar Taalaibekov
Eldar Taalaibekov 8 hours ago
LX 570 2019 year pleasee

Andreas Larsson
Andreas Larsson 9 hours ago
Have you seen the Iveco Massif!!!!!?

Andreas Larsson
Andreas Larsson 9 hours ago
Looks like the volvo xc90 and the Cadillac escalade got a kid!

Laymon Giles
Laymon Giles 9 hours ago
any parent that would forget a child in the back seat is not much of a parent

Kalle Timann
Kalle Timann 9 hours ago
Do a vid with the new Cadillac CT5 Doug

κ°λΆ€ν—Œ 10 hours ago
Palisade looks better than this

Chintav Chauhan
Chintav Chauhan 11 hours ago
Please please please review new 2019 Ford Raptor

Chameera kulasekara
Chameera kulasekara 11 hours ago
Bwtter than X7 AND Mercedes !!! lol for the price and finishes atlas.

Pretzels 1078
Pretzels 1078 13 hours ago
Chrysler 300C review when?

Jones The Grocer
Jones The Grocer 13 hours ago
Doug... the type of guy that gets out of the shower to take a piss

Orion Roen
Orion Roen 14 hours ago
Kia has come A LONG ways since the early 2000’s. I’m actually proud they listened to their consumer market. Simple, up to date, practical, and economical.

Orion Roen
Orion Roen 14 hours ago
That welcome sound sounds very similar to the Windows XP welcome. πŸ˜‚

VZY FLAME 14 hours ago
Kias been making good decisions lately

S. D. H. 3T
S. D. H. 3T 15 hours ago
5:39 πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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