Fortnite - High Stakes Returns
Published: 5 days ago By: Fortnite


By: Fortnite Published: 5 days ago

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Suit up... High Stakes has returned to Fortnite! Play the Getaway LTM, complete new challenges and unlock new rewards including the Jewel Llama Backblings. Plus, the Wild Card Outfit is back in the shop with the new Wild Card Wrap Bundle.


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25 latest Comments
Insanity 1 minute ago
You can’t even have build battles any mor because their is only 500 mats

Ic3yNinj4 2 minutes ago
Sorry but the real battle royal is musical chairs

lmf5379 13 minutes ago

Ciarian Muir
Ciarian Muir 22 minutes ago
Will hot ma rat be back in the itemshop enytime soon i missed it

Enraged Zealot 87
Enraged Zealot 87 33 minutes ago
You should add reactive healabul back blings

MauwauGamesCZ 34 minutes ago
Please give orange justice to shop Please..

Mini Puff gaming
Mini Puff gaming 43 minutes ago
Can you please bring back the snow strike skin

1nfin11ty 58 minutes ago
If you want old fortnite music to come back...

fluffy.kwaii 1 hour ago
Now bring back the oktoberfest skins

grtv 1 hour ago
Fortnite is dead

Akram Babafirit
Akram Babafirit 1 hour ago
Hello EPIC GAMES ,Im from Algeria Im a good Player but my Ping is 150 , 200 , 500 , 800 , 1100

Ej Jk
Ej Jk 1 hour ago
Put strech for ps4

Luka Ippolito
Luka Ippolito 1 hour ago
Can you please put it in

Luka Ippolito
Luka Ippolito 1 hour ago
The new version of the starter pack is not in on iPad

George1234 1 hour ago
yeah...fortnite is dead

Mr_meganzi 1 hour ago
Apex is better ur game is so fling laggy fix it plz

ɹәʞlɐʍ ɹnoʇʞɔıʌ
Why is Forknite realised?
It completely ruins Youtube Rewind 2018

Santos Trejo
Santos Trejo 2 hours ago
Can you put fortnite mobile on HTC cause I want to do my Challenge's on mobile

Brandon Mixon
Brandon Mixon 3 hours ago
I'm dissapointed they didn't call it "Raise the Stakes"

We are The smalls
We are The smalls 3 hours ago
Bring Keven back

Gaming bendy 115
Gaming bendy 115 3 hours ago
Epic an you add kevin the cube to creative mode like if you want kevin in creative

oanelol _GT
oanelol _GT 3 hours ago

Kale The Lord Of the time69
CSGO is mother for this games..

xP Light
xP Light 4 hours ago
Trap is not working...

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