Rebuilding A Wrecked 2013 Nissan GTR Part 5
Published: 2 weeks ago By: goonzquad


By: goonzquad Published: 2 weeks ago

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When you are in the rebuilding game, you will have to learn to part with some cars! We have many builds for this channel and a lot of new ones on the way also. Our main goal is to keep a constant flow of builds we have never done, to learn some awesome new things on the way. No new builds for now until we finish this GTR, so lets get to work. Thanks For Watching!!!


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25 latest Comments
EkCoupe98 8 hours ago
So the hellcats gone?

Omar Mohammad
Omar Mohammad 1 day ago
Love watching your videos from India....

Tyler Suttles
Tyler Suttles 1 day ago
Buy a Chevy dually flatbed

XoRocket MonsteroX
XoRocket MonsteroX 2 days ago

Mark Kulakov
Mark Kulakov 2 days ago
You guys are awesome you should liberty-walk wide body it and wrap it bright orange with a big wing.

hamid fiero
hamid fiero 2 days ago
The cat πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

Jack Dawson2002
Jack Dawson2002 2 days ago
You guys should totally get a duramax

YesMike Like
YesMike Like 2 days ago
Mike Like

christopheralexson 3 days ago
Buy the ford

Alex Gosselin
Alex Gosselin 3 days ago

Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez 3 days ago
Get a Chevy bro

Keith Thompson
Keith Thompson 3 days ago

graham pasloski
graham pasloski 4 days ago
Is it rude to ask what you got for the z06?

Martin Arteagaa
Martin Arteagaa 4 days ago
Buy the f-250!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Told you to not sell it!

Adam Cotejo
Adam Cotejo 4 days ago
I'm a fan of Thomas. We both love the GTR hehe

I Love Prophet Muhammad
Keep on going guys!!

TheAnti-TankRifle 4 days ago
Am i the only one that keeps on replaying bak to the cat.

Manolito Pescador
Manolito Pescador 5 days ago
A 1st gen cummins diesel build would be sick

Brian van den brink
Brian van den brink 5 days ago
Great video! Get a Cummins!!

Jackson Cusson
Jackson Cusson 5 days ago
Ford Raptor

Jackson Cusson
Jackson Cusson 5 days ago
What’s happening with the kit car???

Delfina Dsilva
Delfina Dsilva 5 days ago
Where is the Jeep Rubicon

zaya hewlett
zaya hewlett 5 days ago
Dodge all day

WildBoyWilding 5 days ago
Love this channel keep up the good work ever since the WRX built this channel has gone up

Yoong Seng Ting
Yoong Seng Ting 5 days ago
Where is your dooge

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